Church Signs 101: Two Trends to Look Out For and What to Write In Your Sign

Have you ever driven around your neighborhood and noticed those church signs out front? They may seem pretty straightforward at first glance, but those simple signs play a huge role for congregations.

Think about it – they’re the church’s calling card to the wider community. For folks who already go there, the signs keep them informed on service times, special events, and what’s happening in their community of faith. But those signs also act as a welcome mat of sorts, giving people who are just passing by a little nudge to come on inside and check it out.

With so many churches around nowadays, having a good sign is pivotal for standing out and growing the flock. It’s the first chance to make an impression on potential new members. A great church sign has to spark interest and give people a reason to walk through those doors. It’s like the bait that pulls people in to find out more about the vibrant community within.

Church Signs Are Changing With the Times

If you grew up seeing those old-school church signs with the movable plastic letters, you know they’ve come a long way! Church marquees have leveled up over the years as new sign technology emerged.

Back in the day, those changeable letter signs were the go-to for getting announcements out. Someone had to meticulously pop those letters in and out every week to update service times, and events, and try to share an inspiring message with the community. It was a labor of love!

Nowadays, you’re just as likely to see churches rocking bright LED signs or big digital message boards. Those allow for way more dynamic messaging and graphics to catch people’s eyes as they drive by. With the click of a button, churches can rev up their outreach and advertising efforts.

Technology has amped up the options for churches to rev up their signage and messaging impact. While those old plastic letters hold a nostalgia factor, digital signs are the wave of the future for churchgoing communication. Keeping up with the latest sign trends lets churches spread their message loud and proud to their community.

Changeable Letter Church Signs

You know those classic church signs with the movable plastic letters? They’re iconic! For many of us, they spark a serious nostalgia hit and warm feelings about our faith communities growing up.

There’s just something so charming and wholesome about those old-school letter signs out front. You had to squint a little to read the weekly announcements or Bible verses spelled out in bright colors. But that was part of the fun and character.

Despite their simplicity, those changeable letter boards were insanely versatile communication tools for churches. Swap out a few letters here and there, and you have a whole new message or thought to inspire passersby and remind the congregation about service times.

While plenty of churches have fancier digital signs these days, there’s something quaint and nostalgic about the old changeable letter boards. They were functional and sincere. And for many of us, they’re still the classic image that comes to mind for a metal church sign and communication, harkening back to our childhoods and formative faith experiences.

The Rise of Digital Church Signs

You’ve probably noticed more and more churches are going high-tech these days when it comes to their outdoor signage. Those old plastic letter marquees are getting swapped out for fancy digital signs with scrolling LED messages.

It makes sense that churches would embrace this newer sign technology. Digital screens allow so much more creativity and flexibility for sharing announcements, Bible verses, service schedules, and engaging the community.

With a classic changeable letter board, you were limited in how much you could communicate. You had to get concise with those chunky plastic letters. But a digital sign? The messaging possibilities are endless!

Dynamic text and graphics can scroll continuously to capture attention. Churches can program in inspiration for the day, highlights of upcoming events, or extend an invite to join the congregation – all without being constrained by a physical letter count.

These digital signs are like putting the church’s messages on a Vegas-style marquee compared to the old letter boards. The bright LED lights and constant motion make announcements pop and draw eyes toward them.

Not only are digital signs great for keeping current members informed, but they’re also powerful outreach tools. Their visibility and visual pizzazz could be just what prompts a curious passerby to say “Huh, I should check that place out!”

While there’s something nostalgic about classic changeable letters, upgrading to digital signs allows churches to truly amplify their voice and online presence in an innovative, current way. It’s adopting new communication technologies to spread the word!

You Got a New Church Sign – Now What?

Picking out the actual sign is just the first step. The trickier part is figuring out what to put on that thing! A good church marquee needs to pack a punch with its messaging.

At the very basics, you’ll want to include some key details – the church’s name, address, service times, and that core info. But you’ve got to go beyond just the dry logistics.

The real opportunity with church signage is to use it as a communication tool to engage your congregation and the wider community. Rotate in thought-provoking Bible verses or inspirational quotes. Advertise upcoming events like bake sales, church picnics, and guest speakers.

If your church has been around for decades, throw the founding date up there – it adds character! Or put up a little bio line about the pastor or clergy. These personal touches help build connections.

The sky’s the limit for getting creative with your messages. You can go spiritual one week, and lighthearted the next. Ask a question that makes people think. Share an uplifting call to action. Heck, you could even throw out the occasional groan-worthy pun if you want!

Just get people looking at that sign and seeing that your church has an active, vibrant community happening. Whether you’re rocking an old-school letterboard or a fancy digital display, make those messages work for you. A well-crafted church sign can go a long way toward filling those pews!

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