Where Can I Film a Corporate Video?

Corporate videos help to convey a company’s message to achieve desired results, such as increasing sales, employment engagement, or brand awareness. Choosing a suitable location for corporate video production determines the quality and effectiveness of the content. Find a perfect filming site that suits your theme, allows you to stick to your schedule, and is within your budget. Here are some tips to help you choose a filming location for your corporate video:

Lighting Conditions

Go for a filming space where light may be controlled. For indoor shooting, make sure it is possible to block out the windows to keep away natural lighting. Natural light changes direction at different times of the day. Check how this will affect the location you choose for recording. If you choose an indoor location, you will have a better chance to experiment with the lighting conditions.  


Look for a spacious filming location to create your corporate video. Video production gear, such as tripods and cameras, takes up a lot of space when set up. The filming crew also needs adequate camera space to navigate and shoot. Larger spaces may allow the filming crew to move the lighting closer or farther away depending on needs.


Different weather patterns, such as sunlight, clouds, rain, and wind, can affect the quality of filming. A sunny day may be optimal, while clouds may affect the quality of the film. Factors such as wind can make recording difficult since it may interfere with sounds and can also be a risk to the equipment and crew. It is difficult to hold a camera steady in cold and windy weather. Have contingency plans in case the weather changes on the production day and you are filming outside.


Video production can be costly and take a lot of time. A corporate video production company can help you choose a site that saves you money and time. Shooting two scenes together in the same location may save time and costs you may incur if you choose to use two different sites. This is a slight change in the production process that can save you a significant amount of resources. 


Video companies own expensive equipment, which they bring to the production area. Choose a safe place where the crew can leave out equipment without worrying about damage or theft. If you are unsure about the safety of a location, hire security or have extra persons to watch out for any issues.


Modern microphones are sophisticated enough to cancel background noise, though some may leak through. Listen first to the noise levels of any location you view. Assess it for any potential sources of noise, such as ongoing construction, airports, traffic, slamming doors, busy lifts, or other external factors. When filming indoors, office items such as phones, office machines, or air conditioning will produce background noises. Background noises may interfere with the production quality. Verify that you are in a space where you can cancel or control any external noises. 


Opt for a site that reflects your company brand, image, and culture to make it authentic and cohesive. The production environment should match with the message you wish to convey. Choosing a sight with visuals, themes, and backgrounds that support your message can communicate your narrative further. 

Hire a Corporate Video Production Company 

Businesses use video messages to advertise products, seek new customers, communicate with employees, and more. Give the filming assignment to an experienced corporate video production company for quality and effective results. A video recording company has the experience of shooting in different locations and will advise on locations that meet your needs, budget, and timeline. 

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